Book - Heat Pumps for the Home

'Heat Pumps for the Home'
Crowood Press.   ISBN 978-1847972927
Author: John Cantor
Illustrator: Gavin Harper

Cover price £14.99.

This book is based on my 30 years experience with heat pumps, and attempts to demystify a technology that is clouded by hype and misconception. The book is mostly aimed at the consumer, and lays out the options and issues starting from basic first principles. It has a refreshingly straightforward approach, with enough technical detail to satisfy architects and installers. It is completely jargon-free, and tackles all types of system. It discusses different building types and their suitability for this technology in an un-biased and neutral way.
It has plenty of photographs and is nicely illustrated by Gavin Harper. With enough facts and figures to make it a useful reference book,
it also discusses wider environmental issues. 

 Available from for £15 (incl. post) , but you will find cheaper places if you search.

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